Why Should You Build A Mobile App For A Shopify Store?

Build A Mobile App For The Shopify Store

With a mobile app, your sales graph will reach an incredible new height. According to a study, consumers prefer brands that offer a more customized shopping experience. Your online store needs to be on the mobile app. Businesses have the perfect platform to deliver tailored information to clients with a mobile app.

Converting potential clients is considerably more accessible if you provide a simple shopping experience with personalized content. Users also prefer plications to the internet when they shop.

Why Imperative Of A Mobile App For Your Shopify Store?

Shopify provides an excellent opportunity for eCommerce stores to grow their business. Mobile commerce is booming in the market.

Studies indicate that consumers prefer brands that provide a more customized buying experience. Businesses have the ideal tool to provide clients with individualized information: mobile apps. Personalized content and a seamless shopping experience make it much simpler to convert potential clients. Also, users find that purchasing on apps is more convenient than online.

Having a mobile app for your Shopify store has numerous benefits. Let me first debunk a popular misconception about mobile commerce, though.

Only Website Not Enough For Online Shopping

Only one way can not deliver success. For premium success, you must implement multiple ways of achieving the goal. Most consumers would like to shop online from their mobile rather than a website. If you look at it like this, the mobile is like a revolving shop because people shop from anywhere at any time.

Comparing products on websites is tedious compared to using mobile apps. Mobile applications provide a more customized purchasing experience and are more straightforward. They should always give the best opportunity to purchase.

Even though you might believe purchasing a mobile app will be expensive, it's well worth the money. Investing in a mobile app can be very beneficial if you want to expand your business rapidly.

Trending Marketing Tool

The mobile app is the most popular and intelligent marketing tool that enhances Shopify businesses. The mobile app is the ultimate key for unlocking sales and conversion. It is crucial to the Shopify store's brand development.

You may have direct conversations with your consumers and provide them with immediate updates and support via your eCommerce app. Also, users can get instant notifications. Since your mobile app serves as a virtual storefront for your Shopify store and informs users about new products, marketing your products through it might lead to new chances.

Don't Need To Depend On Other Platforms For Sales

Without an app, you need to explore another platform for high sales. It may not get you the expected sales. With the app, you can get expected sales on your store.

Why a Mobile App?

Here, you can see the year-over-year revenue growth. Mobile apps play a significant role in boosting store revenue compared to websites. Beyond just revenue, there are numerous other opportunities and benefits to explore.

Did you know? 76% of smartphone users make purchases through their devices. The rates of online shopping are increasing every day. To succeed in a competitive market you must go with the trend.

Mobile App Builder

The revenue from the app was 97.7 billion $ in 2014, increasing to 935.2 billion $ in 2023. Digits show how beneficial apps are in business growth.

The Power of Mobile Apps for Your Shopify Store

Mobile App Builder

A mobile app for the Shopify business is more crucial than ever, as most customers browse and shop online using their mobile devices. Here are a few leverages behind developing the mobile app for Shopify.

Get More Potential Customers

You can reach more people if your Shopify store has a mobile app. A mobile app gives users quick and simple access to your online store by downloading and installing it on their device from an app store. It can also assist you in reaching a new audience, such as younger audiences who are more inclined to shop via mobile devices.

Enhance Interaction With Customers

You can remind customers about deals, promotions, or new products by sending them push notifications through a mobile app. Additionally, you may use in-app messaging to offer clients real-time help and support. This involvement can enhance your customer's overall experience and help you forge closer bonds.

Elevate Revenue And Sales

A mobile app for your Shopify store can help you boost sales and profitability by making purchasing more convenient. It enables in-app purchases, expedites checkout, and saves user preferences. Customers may find purchasing simpler using these features, which could result in higher income and sales.

Better User Experience

Users like to shop online from their mobile devices, so your mobile app will enhance their shopping experience by providing exclusive features.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Moreover, the mobile app can help increase brand loyalty. With a well-designed app, customers can connect with and remember your brand more efficiently.

Customers who have a pleasant experience with your mobile app are also more likely to return and make more purchases.

Quick Steps To Turn A Shopify Store Into An App

Mobile App Builder

A powerful platform for managing an online store is Shopify. However, did you realize you could also create an app from your Shopify store? Yes, it is correct! By developing a unique app for your store, you may give your clients a smoother shopping experience and all the comforts they desire.

How can you create an app out of your Shopify store? The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Choose The Best Shopify App Builder

Selecting an app builder is the first step towards converting your Shopify store into an app. While there are several app builders available, some of the more well-known ones include LEO Mobile App Builder, Appokart, Shopney, and so forth.

Conduct your homework and select the app builder that best suits your requirements. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Step 2: Connect With Your Shopify Store

You will need to connect your store with an app builder. First, you should integrate the app with your Shopify store, and then you can get access from the app builder.

Step 3: Select App Layout Design And Template

Choose a design that aligns with your store and business niche to enhance your app's visual appeal. Many app builders offer pre-designed layouts tailored to various app concepts.

Step 4: Customize Your Application

After selecting your app builder, it's time to begin customizing your Shopify mobile app. Make sure the colors, fonts, and other design elements you chose for your app are compatible with your current branding to complement the aesthetic of your Shopify business.

Ensure your software is user-friendly and intuitive by thoroughly testing it before making it available to the general public.

Step 5: Integrate Your Shopify Store

The next step is to include your Shopify store in your application. This will enable users to browse your products, buy them, and access their account management, all from within your app. Shopify's APIs, which let you access and modify shop data, can be used to accomplish this.

Step 6: Publish Your App

After you've made any necessary adjustments and integrated your app with your Shopify store, it's time to publish it. You have two options for distributing your software to customers: through your website or email list, the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Step 7: App Marketing

Promotion is crucial to boost download numbers once your app is launched. You can achieve this by leveraging social media, ASO (App Store Optimization), influencer marketing, paid advertisement, and other promotional strategies.

Guide to turning the Shopify store into a mobile app

What To Look For In A Mobile App Builder?

There are some considerations when choosing a mobile app builder for your store. When selecting a mobile app builder, keep the following essential things in mind:

Suitability:- You need to define the goal of your store, and with that in mind, decide whether a mobile app builder is right for your business.

Features: Check if the app's feature is useful for you. It must include all the features of an e-commerce store, such as product filters, push notifications, discount and coupon codes, app analytics, and other in-app functionality.

Performance and speed:- The effectiveness of mobile apps is a significant factor in customer satisfaction. Seek for an app developer who produces thin, quick-loading applications that offer your users a flawless, uninterrupted experience.

Easy-to-use: A complicated app builder wastes your time and money. Choose the user-friendly app builder that provides a drag-and-drop interface to create an app without coding for an instant.

Customer support: The app ought to offer supportive assistance for app development. Begin by reaching out to customer support via email or live chat. If you feel at ease, proceed to the next stage. In addition, to ensure the app builder stays current with the most recent updates and security patches, you should also ask about app maintenance and updates.

Integration:- You may incorporate your app with other services, such as live chat, email marketing tools, user reviews, and Shopify apps. Use an app builder to see if specific connectors are feasible, or speak with a developer about them.

Budget:- Check out selected app builders' pricing plans and subscription models. Consider whether the pricing plan is right for your budget and the app's features and functionality.

Examples Of Shopify Stores Successfully Converted To Mobile Apps

Fashion Nova: This well-known fashion company increased its audience by developing a mobile app for its Shopify store. The app's features, which include exclusive discounts and tailored recommendations, provide a flawless shopping experience.

MVMT Watches: Known for their fashionable yet reasonably priced timepieces, they introduced an app for their Shopify store to take advantage of the mobile market. The app offers consumers on the go a convenient way to shop while stylishly showcasing their products.

Kylie Cosmetics: By creating a custom app for their Shopify store, Kylie Jenner's cosmetics company capitalized on the growing use of smartphones. Users may effortlessly access their preferred beauty products and exclusive deals available only through the app.

Install The LEO Mobile App Builder And Maximize Sales And Conversions

The LEO Mobile App Builder enables users to craft a completely code-free mobile app in just one hour. Instantly create a mobile app to increase sales and revenue. Those seeking to transform their eCommerce store effortlessly install the LEO Mobile App Builder, constructing an excellent mobile app to enhance store visibility, sales, and conversions and deliver a seamless user experience.

LEO Mobile App provides ready-made blocks and sections to add to your app. You need to drag and drop and customize. For example, if your website's color theme is white and black, you can set the app to white and black. With the help of our supportive team, you can easily publish on Android or iOS platforms. LEO Mobile App Builder makes a stunning mobile app to increase conversion.


  • Drag-and-drop builder - easy app development
  • Without coding - build a stunning app
  • Custom landing app to attract more users
  • Push notification - Send exclusive offers, updates, discounts
  • App analytics - analysis of sales data effortlessly
  • Product filters, coupons and labels for a better user experience
  • The support team will always help in the app development journey

Bottom Line

Having a mobile app offers numerous advantages for boosting sales and revenue. It enables you to deliver a personalized shopping experience to your customers, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Statistics show that 76% of customers prefer shopping online via mobile devices. Adapting to user preferences and embracing current trends is essential to meeting their needs effectively.

If you have any questions about app development, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!


  1. Why the mobile app is essential for Shopify stores?
  2. A mobile app is instrumental in expanding the reach of your Shopify store. It's optimal for drawing in more users and enhancing the conversion rate. Your store gets round-the-clock Average Order Value (AOV) with the mobile app so users can purchase anytime.

  3. If I want to build a mobile app what is my first step?
  4. If you're eager to kickstart your earnings with an instant app, consider opting for the mobile app builder available on the Shopify app store. Alternatively, you'll have to engage an expert Shopify app development company or a skilled developer to create one.

  5. After creating a mobile app how can I invite more users to my app?
  6. To attract more users, you must consider app promotion. This entails various methods aimed at boosting your app downloads. You can promote your app through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, among others, employ App Store Optimization (ASO), invest in paid advertisements, and explore additional avenues.

  7. Can I build a mobile app for Android or iOS?
  8. Yes, You can build an excellent mobile app for Android or iOS. LEO Mobile App Builder builds apps without any coding for both platforms.

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